My new-found interests

10 Jul

Continuing my previous post, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I started my new skin care routine and I can see minor break outs! How discouraging. I think it’s because I’ve changed to another brand of skin care.. Hopefully it’s temporary. I’m giving it another week and if it causes more breakouts I have to stop using this product.

I have also been watching a lot of youtube videos on make up. My favorites are videos by Catalina and Michelle Phan. I also like to watch videos by Bubzbeauty for her skin care tips. My favorite beauty blog for the moment is My Women Stuff. I think she’s in her 30s so I guess the stuff that she uses are a little bit too mature for my skin but still good tips.

Apart from makeup, I have this sudden interest in cooking. The irony. I used to hate it when my mom forced me to observe her cook. So far I’ve only tried cooking stir fry chicken with capsicum (recipe found here minus the sugar snap peas cos I hate peas). But I’m thinking of cooking something more ambitious next weekend: Japanese tofu with minced pork (recipe found here).

Okay it’s not THAT ambitious. Fairly simple dish but I haven’t perfected it yet. It used to be my favorite dish when I was younger. I just love Japanese tofu, the gravy, the minced pork and shitake mushrooms. Pretty much everything about the dish. I’ve only tried cooking this once and frying the Japanese tofu was a scary experience. The oil makes ’em pop lol. I might try to cook steamed fish too. It’s been ages since I had steamed fish. I think I’m going through this cooking phase because I just miss Mom’s cooking a lot. I miss her too.


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